Are all of these marketing ads making you dizzy?

To truly understand MARKETING you must first understand BUSINESS. 

Although marketing is vital to your business it is only one variable of your business. Most marketers who are posting ads are leveraging your ignorance for their own pockets and are not equipped to teach you much about business fundamentals needed to market properly. It’s how some of them come up and merely how the rich gets richer. Some won’t tell you if your business model is weak or not, because either they don’t know or they don’t care. Most can’t even talk to you about basic principles of simple accounting, mediocre tax laws, proper structuring, etc. There are basic fundamentals that you must learn to become a successful business owner overall. No, it’s not a marketers job to teach you about business but any good professional should underline what they think will hinder you and/or their efforts. Trained marketing professionals are able to teach their clients in areas where their businesses are lacking. They will take a more comprehensive, scaled approach to your marketing plan. No one should just throw you in a lane and take your money without first getting to know you and your business model well. Honestly, they should turn down the work if they feel you aren’t ready. Because a good track record is how people rate you and sometimes putting effort towards something that’s incomplete compromises that. So why should they allow you to place your money in something knowing the same is true for you?

As a business owner you should know that you can’t just jump online with colorful ads and abc-123, that’s it. If it were that easy, everyone would have great success selling online. These are things that business owners must take the time out to research and learn. Along with a lot of other principles of business. Marketing is and always will be one of the most essential pieces in your business but only when it is executed properly in chronological order.  Yes, you need money to run a business. That’s a given but marketing is what will steer your business in the direction of obtaining more money. All of that other mumbo jumbo that these online marketers is irrelevant if you do not have a solid foundation with a well oiled machine. So before you go out and spend money on all of these promising magic potions that they are selling all over the internet, learn how to build a solid foundation to support it. Put the marketers on the spot to see if they understand what you are looking for. Ask questions to see if they can help YOUR business…meaning Y-O-U and not just looking to take your money by selling you a generalized plan.

written by: Antonio Gadsden